See Beyond

We provide world-class research, analytics and strategic consulting solutions to give you the clarity and confidence you need. We are a full-service insight agency based in Dublin, but we have a global perspective and we provide services, including advisory, consulting, and qualitative and quantitative research, for our clients across the world. With business consulting in our DNA we work collaboratively to integrate all available sources of information and insight to deliver optimal outcomes for our client’s business. This means seeing beyond the headline research findings to ensure that your investment in insight makes a real difference; whether that means running strategic planning workshops or applying advanced analytics, we will get you the direction you need. As a relatively new agency, we are proud to work with some of the most ambitious, innovative and effective businesses that ensure that we stay sharp and remain at the leading-edge of research. Our team of multi-award-winning researchers include some of Ireland’s most accomplished, experienced and creative analysts and researchers. We also maintain close links with academia and have recently been involved in the development and delivery of a number of exciting programmes including an MSc in Design Thinking and a Commercial MBA programme.