All AIMRO members sign up to abide to the highest standards in the industry.


AIMRO represents the highest quality research organisations in the Republic of Ireland. Each of the member companies subscribes to a common set of values, operating principles and codes of conduct. AIMRO are members of both EFAMRO and ESOMAR, the international bodies that set the best practice standards for our industry.

All AIMRO member companies have signed to support and abide by the ESOMAR codes of conduct.

As a result, you can be confident that AIMRO members operate to the highest standards of professional integrity and abide by best practice industry standards. ESOMAR's codes of conduct as well as our own standards for qualitative research and political polling are detailed below.

Data Protection Commission

Data Protection

AIMRO represents its members and the industry as a whole, with regard to best practice data protection requirements and procedures for our industry.

We work closely with our UK partner the MRS, to liaise with the Irish Data Protection Commission, in order to develop guidelines and support on GDPR for members.

Industry liason & promotion

AIMRO liaises closely with the two main Marketing networks in Ireland, to develop and promote best practice use of data, market research, and insight development by marketing teams.

Our members deliver training, support and primary research through both networks.

Marketing Institute
Marketing Society of Ireland